Why a Maintenance Schedule is Important

From time to time, residents submit maintenance requests and become frustrated when something isn’t attended to immediately.   Part of the reason for the delay is that the association develops and follows an annual maintenance schedule, and the manager knows that the next month’s routine maintenance will take care of it.  We also use the schedule to address small unseen problems before they become noticeable.

The association schedules routine maintenance for a number of reasons.

  • It eliminates unexpected replacements and breakdowns.
  • It keeps costs down because repairs are not made on an emergency basis.
  • It extends the lives of expensive common elements and reduces reserved funds.
  • It stops problems before they occur.

The association works with a qualified engineer and other experts to develop the maintenance schedule. The schedule specifies when common elements will be routinely inspected, adjusted and repaired. Regularly monitoring the property eliminates surprises. We’re able to catch minor problems and correct them before an expensive repair is needed. This, of course, helps control costs by extending the life of the common elements, which in turn reduces the money that must be reserved for an eventual replacement.

The maintenance schedule is a useful tool that keeps costs down and property function and appearance up. Bear with us; eventually everything will get done in the most efficient, economical way.