1. What is the advantage of hiring a manager instead of doing it in-house?

    There are many reasons to hire a professional Association Management team. Knowing your managers are accredited and receiving continuing education offers your community peace of mind.  At Windermere we deliver consistent rule enforcement, long-term planning and regular communication systems, all of which assists the association in reducing exposure to legal liabilities.  With our company you have a TEAM of specialists providing you the best service.

  2. Do all management companies offer the same service?

    Not all companies are alike.  Choose a company with a good reputation, an accredited management team, vetted service providers, accurate accounting and a proven history of success.

  3. Do you have an online Request for Proposal Form?

    Yes, please view our Request a Management Proposal.

  4. Can I choose some management services, or do I have to select them all?

    You may select services specific to your individual Community Association. We offer a wide range of services.  Check out our Services Page.

  5. What credentials does Windermere staff have in Association Management?

    We have managers with advanced training and accreditations from the Community Associations Institute, including the Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA), Association Management Specialist (AMS), and Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM).  Visit Our Team page to get to know our staff.

  6. How do Association Managers help with Board communications?

    With an Association manager, personal bias, neighbor disputes and communication challenges are solved when a manager works for all members, not just one.  In addition, professional managers have current legal training and are adept at group communications.

  7. How can our members pay online?

    We have a secure portal for your Association specifically for payments.

  8. Do individual members have access to the Association’s financial information?

    Yes, upon request.

  9. What is a Special Assessment?

    The Community Association’s Board of Directors may levy a Special Assessment for the purpose of defraying the cost of any unexpected repair or to meet any other deficiencies in operations or reserves.  This one-time fee, charged separately from your usual budgeted assessment, covers a specific expense.  It may be an unexpected emergency or short-term major repair expense.  Your Association Manager can be of great help on many levels when this happens.

  10. How does an Association Manager help with “common area maintenance?”

    Common areas need to be safe, well maintained and properly insured.  Your Association Manager has access to professional and competitively priced contractors.  They educate the board on budget forecasts for maintenance and implement the maintenance schedule.  This helps preserve, maintain and improve the property and provides predictions for future expenditures.  A manager assists the Board with transparency and helps avoid conflict of interest with vendors.

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