A Friendly Association is a Well-Managed Association

People are at the heart of Community Associations and their Boards, so keep basic human needs in mind.  Although there are many legal aspects that are important, so are the relationships that make things work smoothly.  Here are some tips:

  • Set a tone that is light-hearted and fun. It should be a joy to be active in the community. Remember to celebrate small victories. Recognition is like rocket fuel for volunteer-based activities. Acknowledge and award those who participate.
  • Discourage cliques from forming within the Board or Association. New people are sometimes left out as people become close in their relationships. Groups sometimes form because of similar interests, age, gender or economic status. Be a clique buster by having people work in new committees together or create social occasions for all interests.
  • Don’t make the community an island. Connect and collaborate with the larger community. Your community can have mutually beneficial relationships with area schools, businesses, clubs, city government, social service agencies, worship groups, activity groups and others.
  • Build community traditions. In the greatest communities, residents look forward every year to major seasonal events and community celebrations. These recurring events can help create countless memories and become deeply ingrained in the pattern of life in the community.

Good relationships make things work smoothly